Friday, August 22, 2008

Change in Schedule

by: Michael Steffes

In case you didn't get the memo (i didn't), things will be changing starting today. Yesterday was the last of two a day practices, which turned into no-a-day practices. Camp is done. The team is moving to their regular season practice schedule... kind of.

There are still going to be some quirks because the team plays two games in five days next week, but essentially it goes like this. The team practices Wed, Thur, Fri, and does a walk through on Sat. The practices now start at 1:30 pm, so reports will come later. They are a little earlier on Fridays.

Why I felt I needed to post this, I am not sure, but maybe some of you will find it educational. The best part of this is that it means the regular season is right around the corner. There were times I thought the offseason would never end, but now I think I might just make it. Are you ready for some football? ~END~