Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summing Up the Seahawks' Needs

by: Michael Steffes

Draft day is getting close, and if you need a little refresher on the positions the Seahawks might be addressing a week from Saturday, Clark Judge has obliged. You can find his comprehensive look at the Seahawks' needs right here.

To sum it up, the Seahawks have a lot of needs. Judge feels they need to find a starter at wide receiver, offensive line, and defensive back. They need to find depth everywhere else.

I am not so sure I agree with everything Judge says. I for one would say that if you NEED to find a starting WR in the draft, you are probably in trouble. Very few WRs have become full-time effective starters in year one. Last year, Desean Jackson and Eddie Royal provided a rare occurrence, but both had a lot of factors in their favor. What the Hawks really need is Nate to get back to close to his previous level at the minimum, which is not out of the question. He has had three extra months of recovery on where Branch was at this time last year. Speaking of Branch, more than anything else the Hawks could use him to be healthy for an extended period of time. That would eliminate the need for a starter at the position. I am still not convinced the team will add anything more than a late round pick -- it is, after all, what they like to do.

Also, I think it is fair to think the Hawks would like to find a starter at linebacker as well. Even if D.D. Lewis gets the nod in week one, having a starting caliber guy gives the team options with regard to Leroy Hill. That is a situation that probably carries over 'til next offseason, with the possibility remaining that Hill will agree to sign as long as he can't be franchised again. This will help the Hawks get a great year out of Hill, but likely lose him as well. Drafting a quality player in this positional group would be a huge benefit. ~END~