Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Answers to Your Questions Vol. 6

Oh how do we fill the hours between another lost free agent and the inevitable return of Pork Chop Womack. Well, maybe not. By answering questions, thats how.

First, I want to give all of you all a little update on the site. Probably sometime close to the draft, the site will be moving from the Google based blog to a Wordpress run and privately hosted site. I am working with a professional because I really only want to do this once, at least for quite some time. The new format is going make things much easier to manage. I should even be able to blog from my celly, and the site will be much more mobile friendly for you as well. We will see all the fun and games we can put into it, but I am going to do my best to make it super user friendly. The one exception will be that you have to register to comment. It is kind of a pain, but I get the sense that the anonymous poster thing is getting old. Especially when incidents like yesterday happen. Those who saw it, know what i am talking about. More updates to come. Thanks for all of you who have been going the extra mile to support the site, that is what is making this possible.

Anyway, on to the questions.....

Tmann-- Thoughts about Trufant and things....

Tmann you make some very good points I wanted to bring up. There was a lot of talk about how the Seahawks essentially faced 9 backup QB's in a row. I hadn't thought of it in regards to Tru before. The best QB's we faced were arguably Carson Palmer and Brett Favre. Both Qb's had pretty darn good games against us. Maybe Tru's season was a bit overrated due to the opponents. I think the thing he does best is tackle, which is less effected by that, but as for coverage, I have yet to find some one who is adamant that he IS a lock down, Champ Bailey like corner. Well....except Tru.

Zaxk--Asked about Alvin Pearman??

I kind of answered the question a bit already, buy confirming that our fifth round pick is gone because of this trade. We got a 7th back. Plus we didn't even offer him a contract so it looks like a bad decision. However chances are he is hurt. I wanted to talk a little more about this, because I was reading last night about the draft in which Pearman came out of Virgina. This is the same book in which Ruskell is also one of the main focuses. He LOVED Pearman. He was a total Ruskell guy. A team player, organized work outs, etc etc. He clearly had his eye on Pearman since that draft, but had to wait until last year to acquire him. Too bad he got hurt, cause I bet it would have been another underrated move.

Anonymous1 -- Asked if we would be interested in Grady Jackson?

Andrew kind of answered this in the post, but I am pretty sure Ruskell doesn't. He had the opportunity to sign him last year, when we arguably were in much greater need of a DT and he didn't even sniff around. The Hawks defensive tackles are asked to be quick and penetrate, thus forcing the action outside where the ends and LB's make a lot of plays. Jackson is more of a take up space guy, so I don't think he really fits our system. That is probably also why they showed absolutely no interest in the DT merry-go-round this offseason, despite Holmgren saying they needed "another big honker in the middle".

seahawker0624-- Asked if the Cards would give up picks for Trufant?

I don't think that would work out so well being in the division. However, the Jackson thing worked well, but mostly because he wasn't a high character team kinda guy. Also, I don't think the Cards are that interested in paying big money for a corner? Now Anquan Boldin wants new money too? If anything, I think maybe they swap Boldin for Lito Sheppard with the Eagles? Hopefully we don't have to trade 23

CDALLAN- Asked if the Hawks could get two 2nds for their First and third?

The numbers don't really work out that way. I looked at the combinations. We need to give our 1st and 2nd to get the two high 2nds. Here are the values

Falcons.... Seahawks....

Unfortunately we don't know what number the forth round pick will be, but it is possible we could give up the 1st, 3rd and 4th for two seconds. That would leave the Hawks w/ 3 2nds, a 6th, and a 7th. Actually, 3 seconds sounds great to me. Ruskell does damage in the 2nd and they don't get that much money. Lofa isn't even a making a million bucks this year and it is the last year of the deal.

BobbyK-- Amen Brutha!!! I don't think this team should think tackle for two more years, unless it is to replace Ray Willis as a backup. He is a free agent next year. You watch, Walt will be back in rare form again. Did you read the Sando article? His shoulder problems come from a lack of coaching the fundamentals. Solari will get him back on his game!

USAFANARC-- Asked when the Schedule comes out??

The schedule usually comes out a week after the winter meetings. At the winter meetings, they will announce the prime time lineup,the first game,the Thanksgiving lineup, the Mon night lineup, the first few Sunday night games, etc. Then the whole schedule comes out about a week later. Hopefully the Hawks will be listed on a bunch of those.

Anonymous2- Asked about 2nd day corners?

The guys I like, at least for the Seahawks are Patrick Lee of Auburn and Chevis Jackson of LSU. Both played against top flight competition and held up fine, but their measurables have dropped them. Plus, Ruskell loves those SEC guys. Also, there are two safeties to watch for, Jamie Silva of BC, and Tom Zibikowski of Notre Dame. Both fit the Ruskell mold to a tee.

Zaxk -- Asked about Deion Branch long term?

Zaxk, I think the earliest they would cut him would be after 09'/before 10' season. First off, they will give him a whole season to come back and play. Also, there will be some uncertainty if Bobby retires or leaves next year. Also, I think the cap ramifications and TR's ego will get in the way of cutting him any sooner. Better to just cross your fingers or pray for his health and hope he starts producing to match his contract.

Anonymous3-- Asked if we could have 1 player in the draft, who would it be?

Definitely not McFadden. Too many issues. It is possible that it would be Jonathan Stewart with his talent and local ties, but I would think it would be Sed Ellis. He plays the DT style that fits the Hawks perfect. He is a Warren Sapp clone in some ways, with out the bad breath and attitude. Sapp did ok in Tampa under this system huh? Sapp is probably gonna make the HOF, to bad I never liked him one bit.

Wes-- Asked about D-Jack Rumors??

Nope. None! Won't be any! He an Ruskell did not see eye to eye. Clare Farnsworth had a story on his blog about Holmgren joking that he had re-signed, but the way he did it was to make light of people who thought that might happen. IT WON'T! Trust me!

PhilDurt-- Asked a bunch of stuff

First... Robinson the long snapper is retiring. He was talked out of it last year but is done now for sure.

Babin never was active, I was expecting him to be cut, he still may. He is making almost a million dollars this year. Howard Green played well last year at the end of the season. He will come to camp and if Tubbs goes down, or someone else, expect him to stick. If the Hawks draft a DT high, and/or Tubbs is healthy he will probably be back on the street. Tavalou and Williams are camp fodder. Vallos and Wrotto will be doing their best to improve. Vallos can go back on the practice squad for one more year, which is probable. He will take over the back up G/C role after Gray retires next year, as long as he is capable. Wrotto expects to compete for a job. He may get it too. He has a ton of upside, he has only been playing Offense for 3 years. I posted a quote from him in the last Answers thread. Check it out. Don't know how Tubbs is doing. I am sure he is rehabbing his butt off, probably in Kirkland.

Finally, Mack Strong is still on the roster because he didn't officially retire. This is because if he retires he loses his medical, which he needs right now cause of his neck. That is probably why he didn't want to coach too. Unfortunately he is still counting against the cap too.

WOW that was a lot. I hope I enlightened at least one of you. Thanks for all the questions and all the support. I am so glad how this site is flowing right now. Everybody is doing a great job with their comments. You guys make it work, and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday with in seconds, we had several people respond in numerous ways to an idiot. Things like that make it worth it. Thanks!!

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