Sunday, March 23, 2008


It's baaaaaaaack! It is round two time for the Seahawk Addicts Draft preview. The last one seemed to please, although it seems there is quite a debate going on about who the Hawks should take at tight end. If were up to Seahawk Addict readers it would be Fred Davis. I base that on the 600 or so who voted in the recent poll, in which Davis received the most votes.

Blah, Blah, Blah, you guys just want to see who I project the Hawks might look at in round two.

To look at the chart....

Here you go. Here is a recap of how the preview works, in case you were wondering....

I am basing my draft preview off the limited amounts of info I have read about how Tim Ruskell handles the drat. What we know is that he heavily emphasizes character. He also isn't as quick to dismiss a player due to limitations such as size and speed. Right up there next to character is fit. He teaches scouts to find players that fit the teams system. Because of this, often the draft board may be smaller than other teams. From there he breaks the players into small lists of who he thinks will be available at each pick. This is flexible in case people slide. This is what I have tried to do. I am going to put together blocks of players from different positions that could be available at each pick, and who the Hawks could take. My opinion effects this greatly, so you will notice some of my beliefs pervading these analyzes.

Also, here is a link to the FIRST ROUND PROJECTIONS, in case you missed it.

And now for the picks....

Matt Forte-RB-Tulane- There is a lot of interest lately in Forte. The Hawks haven't been linked to him at all, which kinda makes me think they like him. He is clearly the best fit for the current system. He runs extremely hard. He catches very well. Usually the Hawks aren't big fans of small school players, however Forte could be different. He could have gone to a bigger school, but several members of his family played football for Tulane, so he followed suit. It would have been awfully hard for the Hawks not to notice these traits during his performance at the Senior Bowl.

Tracy Porter-CB-Indiana- I know what many of you are thinking... is it really another 5'10" 190 lb guy to play corner. Yes it is. While we may not like them, Ruskell does, and Porter is one of the better mighty mites around. He has excellent ball skills and excels when he gets the ball in his hands. This is why he is also used in the return game. The big knock against him was reluctance to tackle, but several places noted he improved greatly at this in his senior year.

Dustin Keller-TE-Purdue- At the scouting combine in February, Mr. Keller made himself a lot of money. Prior to that event, I rarely saw him mentioned as an elite TE. Now lots of people have him on the top of the list. This is because he is a very fine athlete. He is fast and explosive. The problem is he is stuck in the grey area knows as H-Back land. At 6'2" 240 lbs, it is imperative that a team be creative to get Keller a free release. He will struggle to clear defenders intent on delaying his route. Also, his ability to hold up at the point of attack in the run game looks questionable at best. Late in the second, it could be worth the chance.

John Carlson-TE-Notre Dame-- Carlson is essentially the exact opposite of Keller. He had a poor showing at the combine and dramatically dropped his stock. Also, he is bigger and much more of a prototypical tight end. The question is whether or not he has the speed to stretch the seam. He seems like he will fit more as a possession/ tough yards kind of player in the mold of Jason Witten. He is a heady player who was touted for his leadership on a young and under performing offense as a senior. I like the idea of getting Carlson in the 3rd, but I wonder if the Hawks could take the chance he doesn't drop that far. The waters get pretty murky after Carlson, and this is the one position the Hawks need contribution from right away.

Xavier Adibi-LB-Virgina Tech--Clearly the Hawks need to add some depth to the linebacking core. Adibi would be a great start. He is a versatile player who played inside in college and is expected to probably man a weakside role at the pro level. He only weighs 235 lbs and ran worse than expected. However, he plays quick. Has great fundamentals in coverage, where he excels. Would be a good pick because he could spend a year playing special teams working on tackling and where his speed would be greatly appreciated. He could also use this time to add some bulk too. He is in the mold of and could be viewed as an eventual replacement for Julian Peterson.

Roy Schuening-G-Oregon St-- I think a lot of people who will be reading this like the idea of adding Schuening. I think he is some one Ruskell will be looking at as well. Especially if the team misses out on Branden Albert. He grew up, and stayed for college, in Oregon, making him a natural to continue his career in the NW. Schuening is a ferocious run blocker with a mean streak on the field. He is also known to have good fundamentals in pass protection. Off the field he is an Academic All Pac 10 first team selection. He is also very durable, making 50 starts for the Beavers in his career.

Ok, there you have it. You can feel free to rip me apart now. But you just wait...I tell ya. Actually, knowing how Tim Ruskell drafts, I would feel lucky just to hit a few of these. But we shall see. I am doing a lot of reading before coming up with the final group for each round, so maybe I will prove to be smarter than I think. Round 3 coming soon.....

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