Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Steve Largent...Where Does He Rank?

All time great Seahawk WR Steve Largent has been included in ESPN's top 10 wide receivers of all time. The article was written by Mike Sando, and is a pretty good piece. He used a variety of panelists to come up with the rankings. Largent ranked 7th. The article states some panelists had him at 4, and others at 8. We can debate it, but I wonder how Largent would have faired in todays NFL. Would he have been just as dominant, or just another receiver? My guess is he would have been pretty damn good, but I doubt he would have gotten 100 TD receptions. Too many receivers on the field and teams spread it around. You can debate, but he is defintely deserving of a top 10 nod of all time. END