Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jonathan Stewart on Sirius

Jonathan Stewart was on Sirius NFL Radio with Tim Hasselbeck and Adam Schien this morning. He reitterated his desire to play for the Seahawks and said they have shown interest in him.

He said he thinks he would fit into the Seahawks offense perfectly, running, receiving, blocking, and he has absoulutely no problems contributing on special teams. He called the Seahawks his ideal situation.

He said his toe is progressing well. He said he wanted to have the surgery so that teams would be getting the best of his abilities when he started his career. He said if it drops him in the draft that is out of his control. As for being injury prone, he says that is a myth. He plays through injuries like everybody else and he wants to play in every game the team is involved in. He said he got 250 yards on a messed up toe that needed surgery, so that should tell GM's a lot.

Stewart expects to be at full strength when camp starts and he will compete with whatever running backs are on the team and hopes he can win a starting job out of camp. Stewart will be visiting Dallas, a team he rooted for as a child. Houston has been contacting him as well. END