Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Town Discount

John Clayton just posted an article about Marcus Trufant's signing titled Trufant Gives Seattle Hometown Discount.

I thought that this is an interesting topic. Why? Because the Hawks seem to be darn effective at getting players to agree to these deals. By my count there have been four deals that could be counted as hometown discounts this offseason.

Mike Wahle...took very little money, has ties to Bainbridge Island
Sean Locklear...good young tackles usually get more than 12 mil guaranteed.
Lofa Tatupu....No need to test the market, he loves it in Seattle
Marcus Trufant....took less than every other corner who signed, local guy.

Is Leroy Hill next? The days of free agents leaving and then bashing the organization ala Chike Okeafor are long gone. This is the benefit of having a successful, and well run franchise. I will go out on a limb and say the only other team that is keeping their own, for less, as well or better is New England. For those who argue that Ruskell alienates the players and upsets them with his negotiating style, this is pretty solid evidence to the contrary.

Also, Congratulations Marcus....Enjoy your honeymoon big guy! Come back safe! END