Monday, March 24, 2008


Here we go, just rolling along. With such a slow Easter Sunday, I managed to get through another round of the draft preview. If any of you may have the opinion that I am just pulling these lists from where the sun don't shine, it really couldn't be further form the truth. I am using three sites, two of which are subscription based and their projections and reports. I am then trying to fit them into what I believe the Hawks may do.

Lets just say my girlfriend wishes the draft was this weekend, and it ain't cause she cares who the next tight end is.

So, with that said, lets move it along to the third round. Just...

If you haven't been keeping up, here are the previous segments...


You can read the theory behind my picks before either of the first two projections. And as always, these are just my opinions and educated guesses.

But as for the third round, here are the picks....

Mike McGlynn-OL-Pitt-This could be an under the radar pick that could pay big dividends. McGlynn is one of the more versatile linemen in the draft. He played both guard and tackle during his Pitt career with outstanding success at both. He is known to have outstanding foot work and is excellent in space. Also, McGlynn was Pitts long snapper and supposedly was quite good. So while he develops as a blocker he can contribute as a long snapper on special teams. He could also serve as an emergency center. Also known as a fiery leader with top level intangibles.

Jordy Nelson-WR-Kansas St
- Nelson is just a football player who ended up at WR. He played some strong saftey his first year at KSU, and was a QB in high school along with being an all state track star . Lucky for the Hawks he ended up at WR because he makes the perfect WCO receiver. He is 6'3" with a strong frame. He doesn't have elite speed, but isn't slow either. He has arguably the best hands in the draft and excels at yards after the catch. He tops this all off by being smart, hard working and tough. I don't like the Hawks taking a wide out, but if they have to, taking Nelson in the 3rd is as a good a pick as they can make. He is often compared too Joe Jurevicius.

Jeremy Thompson-DE-Wake Forest
-Thompson would start as the perfect complement to Tapp. Right now he is a top notch run stuffer at end. His passing rushing should improve dramatically as a pro, especially if he is working next to someone like Pat Kerney every day. He tore an ACL in 05' and he wasn't really full strength until last year, or likely he would be going higher. He fits the Hawks well because at this point he provides depth and is given time to progress.

Jamar Adams-S-Michigan- Adams fits the mold of a Seattle safety perfectly. He may not be the flashy ball hawking type, but he is solid in every facet of his play. He is said to be excellent at diagnosing play action and in run support. His leadership is unquestioned. The UM coaching staff would invite him into coaching meetings for help game planning and working with the defense. He took the young secondary under his wing and had them playing much better by the end of the year.

Duane Brown-OT-Virgina Tech- Brown would be an excellent pick at this point because he could be someone who ends up looking like a steal a few years from now. He came to VT as a TE, but was moved to RT and then LT. He is super atheletic for his position, which would be a plus if the Hawks are thinking about a zone system in the future. Pass protection is his strength, but at as a tackle for the Hawks, that is a good thing. Again, because the Hawks have starters entrenched, he would have time to grow into a starting role.

Jonathan Goff-LB-Vanderbilt- I think Goff is a perfect fit for the Hawks as a backup linebacker who could eventually start. He can play insider or outside and is as stout as they come at 6'2" 245 lbs. He is known as a hard worker and team leader. He is not only smart but has a high football IQ too. Top grade for intangibles. Plus comes from the SEC, so he has played against top competition during his college career.

Whoot Whoot! There you go, round three. Have your way with it. We are starting to dig a bit deeper into the prospect pool, so hopefully I introduced you to some players you may not have been aware of, but now are considering. Will any of them actually be Hawks? Who knows? But is sure is fun to project!

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