Monday, March 17, 2008

Today Was A Good Day

If you are all about the draft. Not only did the Hawks keep several rosters spots open by not re-signing Hackett and Wyms, but they are setting up for a very interesting draft in 09'

Not to take anything away from the upcoming one, which promises much drama and unpredictability, but 2009 will be bountiful and fun. It all comes down to compensation picks. While Tim Ruskell has said he expects to get a compensation pick this year(I disagree), the Hawks most certainly will get some next year. Lets take a look at what they may end up with.

To continue.....

As you can see, the Hawks have lost a lot more free agents then they have signed. More importantly, Mike Wahle doesn't qualify because he didn't complete his contract, he was released. Also Putzier doesn't count because he is under the minimum contract that counts with in the formula.

The other two elements that go into figuring out the picks is up in the air. They are playing time and post season honors. So in reality, we should all be rooting for the former Hawks unless we are playing them. I labeled players expected to start as S and those expected it be reserve or rotational, but still active as R/A. All of the former Hawks are expected to be active for their new teams.

With the salaries of Brown and Niko essentially counting out TJ and Julius, we can expect several picks in the later rounds. My guess right now would be maybe two 6ths and 2 7ths. However, this could go up. Especially if Hackett has a big year and both the LB's start all 16 games for their new teams. It is a secretive and complicated formula, but it is fun to think about. It would surprise me, but it is possible that Pork Chop will get a qualifying contract too.

What are the ramifications? Well the team is need of some youth. One of the reasons a team gets pressed up against the cap is that they are paying a lot of veteran salaries, so this is an opportunity to add a few extra young players and hope some stick. Also, the team may be switching some schemes next year. If so, they may need to get people who fit them better. Finally, and this is what will get most of you all excited, the team may be willing to trade some of next years regular picks in this draft, knowing(expecting) that they will receive compensatory picks, which are not allowed to be traded.

Either way, it isn't hard to see that things are changing around Kirkland. The team is going through a needed change,especially on offense. It is time to get young everywhere but quarterback. That way, in a couple of years, when the team makes that change, the new signal caller will have experience all around him.

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