Friday, March 21, 2008

Lofa Tatupu Agrees to New Six Year Contract Extension

The big news of the day was that Lofa and the Seahawks reached a long term agreement. This deal is an extension on top of his current contract, which most believed would void after this year. However the new deal adds on to two years for which he was under contract with 6 more years, keeping Lofa in Seattle utill 2015.

John Clayton, in this story here, is reporting the deal is for slightly more than 40 mil.

Tim Ruskell, Mike Holmgren and Lofa all spoke at the press conference. What I thought was very telling was that Patrick Kerney, Deon Grant, Craig Terril, and Jordan Babineaux all restructured to help get this done.

To see quotes and analysis.....

Lofa said..."I couldn't imagine myself in any other uniform and now I don't have too." He also said..."He needed some rings for his jewelry drawer." and this defense can be "as good as they want to be."

Tim Ruskell said "this contract essentially makes Lofa a Seahawk for life."

Coach Holmgren said.."Players like Lofa don't come around very often, he is a special young man."

I say CHEERS to Tim Ruskell and the Seahawks front office. Now that players he drafted for his system are coming up on the end of the deals, I expect to see this become a much more common occurrence and I for one and very excited about the future of this defense. Especially considering the all for one mentality shown by several members of LOFA's unit!

Does this put more pressure on Marcus? No probably not. However, it does show that some of the players are more interested in the making this the best team possible and not trying to get the most money. At some point Marcus may have to decide which type of person he is.

I have no word on any contract figures or cap hits, but if they come out I will get them to you.