Friday, March 28, 2008

One Team Who Wants To Trade Up

In much of the draft speculation going on, myself, and many of you, feel that the best move for the Hawks is to move back and get more picks. It seems that all the players that would really be good fits are more deserving of being taken in the early second than at the #25. Of course, if Jonathan Stewart slides this could be moot, however, according to Lions Insider and Tom Kowalski, Detroit would like to get back into the late first to draft Jarrod Mayo.

If you are so inclined.....

If you are looking at this in accordance to the draft pick value chart. Seattle's pick at #25 is worth 720 points. Detroit's 2nd, #45 is worth 450, Detroit would need to add in a 3rd, and probably one of their two 5ths to come up to #25. Here is a link to the draft pick value chart, if some you have never seen it.

I think this speculation is kind of fun. It gives you a good foundation for why it is so hard to make some of these deals. Teams have to give up an awful lot. FYI, if you are playing around with numbers, The Hawks currently have #25, #55, & #86. Everything after that won't be determined until compensatory picks are announced.