Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Winner Is.....

Not DJ Hackett. I bet if you asked him, he thought he would already be spending his 10 million dollar bonus by now. However.....his demise was another's gain.

OPTIMISTICSEAHAWKFAN (love the name!!!) Other wise known as Steve Calkins is the winner of the Inaugural Seahawk Addicts, NFL DRAFT GEAR CONTEST.

His official prediction was the Hawks, on a 1yr deal for 3.25 w/ 3.25 Guaranteed. Signed 6/1. Only being 250K off, makes him the winner.

Honorable Mention goes to IDAHOSEAHAWKFAN who guessed 5.75. Also Congrats to LESTHOMAS who guessed 3/17 as the signing date, to bad your contract worth was a bloated 13 mil. And Finally as an FYI...nobody guessed the Panthers.

It was a lot of fun tracking and watching, and it will be even more fun for Steve who gets to pimp his Hawks NFL Draft Gear in April. If you didn't win, don't fret, you can get the gear yourself by clicking on the Fans Edge Banner at the bottom of the screen. The hat is worth every penny, it is top notch work from Reebok.

I will have a new contest soon, so until then....Thanks for supporting the site. Maybe I will do a poll to find out what I should give away next!


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