Saturday, March 22, 2008

Seahawk Visits

You are already probably seeing a lot of information come out about which players are visiting which teams. The Seahawks have a somewhat unique approach to this, so I thought maybe I would make a post of out it.

First off, it has been reported by J.J. Pesavento at Next Level Scouting that BYU LB Kelly Poppinga (yes Brady's Bro), New Mexico St FB Nick Cleaver, and Portland St. LB Jordan Senn will all work out for the team in Kirkland. If you are saying to yourself "who?" right now, no worries. This is how the Hawks operate.

Each team is alloted 30 player visits before the draft. Many teams use these visits to look at players they are serious about drafting. Not the Hawks, at least not usually. What the Hawks do, is use these visits for players they feel will go undrafted, but they are interested in signing as undrafted free agents. They use these visits as recruiting trips of sort. Also, they often have players who didn't get invited to the combine who they like. Last year, their visits included...Jordan Kent, Steve Vallos, Joe Newton, and I believe CJ Wallace.

So don't get your hopes up that Ruskell will be tipping his hand to who he might draft anytime soon. It is just not his style.

This is why when I see that Brian Brohm and Chad Henne are coming for visits, and they are, I believe it just a smokescreen. It re-enforces two theories I have been touting: The team won't take a QB till next year (Mora's 1st Draft/Qb), and the team wants badly to trade back from #25. They probably are thinking TE or DT in the first, and picking one at that position just doesn't present a good value. END