Friday, March 28, 2008


Well the Seahawks free agency wheelings and dealings seem to have come to an end with the addition of veteran kicker Olindo Mare, and now the Seahawk Addicts draft preview is coming to an end with the projections for the 7th round.

I have kind of increased the number of players included by a few because the shear number of players available to be picked in this spot is daunting. Also, according to Ruskell it is possible we will get a compensation pick, if so it will probably be a 7th, so maybe we will have two. That should be announced early next week. Who knows, maybe the Hawks will get to choose Mr. Irrelevant!

Speaking of irrelevant, lets hope my projections don't turn out to be so. To see the seventh round....

First...Here are the links to the previous projections...

As Always, these are just my opinions, but I am basing them off of things I have learned about the Hawks Draft Master, Tim Ruskell. Things like, he doesn't take players from small schools, and he thinks character is pretty important, etc.

Here are the projections....


Chancy Washington-RB-USC-- Washington is the classic running back who could be a better pro than college player. He just never got the touches necessary for him to be great at USC. He is a physical runner with a good build and runs between the tackles well. He would probably need a year on the practice squad to work on blocking/receiving and understanding the system.

Brandon Coutu-K-Georgia- Coutu has a big leg. He hits kicks from 50+ with no problems. He also has a good leg for kickoffs. He was a little inconsistent at times, but that is why you have a veteran to compete with him. Is this the kicker the Hawks like? Who knows, but he seems to fit the profile of the one who left.

Eric Foster-DE-Rutgers- I didn't know much about this guy until it was announced that the Hawks are brining him in for visit. However the video that reader Erik found says a lot. He just looks like a Ruskell guy. He is smaller, but a fighter. He looks like the quick penetrating tackle the Hawks like to use in their rotation. HERE IS THE VIDEO.

Tim Bugg-LS-Indiana- Not too much I can say except he is the best long snapper around. He was at the combine and supposedly impressed. Most think that he won't be drafted, but if the Hawks want to make sure he has to come to Seattle, they could throw a 7th at him. Wouldn't be the worst idea I have ever heard.

Matt Spanos-C-USC- Big, big, center. 6'5" 300lbs. He is known to play with a nasty streak. He doesn't have a lot of experience at center, but could also play guard. he would be put in a similar position as Steve Vallos. Spend a year on the practice squad, see if there is some promise, and then possibly slide into Chris Gray's role of backup guard/center. He has played against top players during his career, including Sed. Ellis everyday in practice.

Tyler Polumbus-T-Colorado-- This kid could be just they type of tackle prospect the team should be looking at. He has prototypical size at 6'7" and he is atheletic enough to play LT. However he needs some time to grow into the role. Perfect, the Hawks have two tackles. He could be the 4th tackle this year, be the backup next year if Willis departs, and maybe eventually he becomes a very good player in the league. His size and athleticism give him a lot of upside.

Jonathan Zenon-CB-LSU- Typical story of a guy who was a heck of a competitor against very good competition who is a late round pick because of his 40 time. The Seahawks corners don't usually run deep with WR's so much anyway, the safeties do. He is 5'11" 190lbs and a very good athlete. Despite his size he is known to be a physical corner.

Jehuu Caulcrick-FB-Michigan State- Caulcrick is one of the few throwback fullbacks in this draft. He is also the only one likely to be available late in the draft. While FB is not a huge need for the Hawks, it would be nice to have some insurance. Weaver will be a UFA next year, and really I am not sure what to expect from Kirtman. This guy is a bruiser and a good short yardage guy. Not the greatest hands, but a capable lead blocker. If the teams wants to add a more traditional fullback, this could be the guy.

There it is. A reader suggested that we keep score how good the projections are. I want to assure I will be, but I would feel lucky to just have one or two guys the Hawks draft on my lists. Ruskell keeps things close to the vest and very few can predict with any accuracy what he will do. But for now, the projections are done. I think this will free me up to start a series of SA Mock Drafts, starting next week. There is less than a month until the big day....personally, I can't wait.