Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Tim Ruskell Scorecard

It seems as if there is always lively debate about the Seahawks personal moves. The man behind the curtain is Tim Ruskell. About a week ago, one of the readers suggest we create a "Tim Ruskell Scorecard".

Well here at Seahawk Addicts we have done just that. This is a comprehensive look at every move I could find with any sort of relevance. It is all then graded numerically. Chris Sullivan reviewed it and actually made me raise one grade (Nate). So, as you will see, I took a lot of consideration into how the ratings would be received.

To Continue......

Here is how the Scorecard works. Each player/transaction was graded with one of 7 possible scores.

7pts = resounding success
5pts = Great Move in every regard
2pts = Net positive for team
0pts = Neutral
-2pts = Net outcome negative
-5pts = Bad Move, lasting ramifications
-7pts = Catastrophic mistake


You will see, I only chose two 7's, one on each end of the scale

I want you to feel free to disagree with grades, but give good reasons.

Also, if there is anything that needs to be added, however, I think this is pretty inclusive.

One thing you will notice, is that I counted negative points for bad 5th round picks and under, but not 6th or 7th rounders. I arbitrarily choose that as the cut off.

Also, I have not graded any moves from this year, it is clearly too soon.

What I have concluded, is that this is a pretty impressive resume. There are certainly some noteworthy blemishes, but they are FAR outweighed by even the smallest moves becoming positive. Folks, we have one of the best general managers/front offices in the league. That is probably why we keep winning divisions. It is time to show a little trust, and faith, and give TR a little slack.

Also, I will link this in the right sidebar so all of you can refer back to it, long after this post is off the main page.

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