Monday, March 31, 2008

Ruskell Not Behind Reseeding Measure I HAVE ADDED A LINK TO THE VIDEO

by: Michael Steffes

In no surprise to Hawk fans, President and Gm Tim Ruskell does not support the reseeding proposal that would allow wild card teams a home game if they have a better record than division winners. According to Ira Miller and USA today, in this article, Ruskell is quoted as saying...

"The present system "has worked for us for so long," said Tim Ruskell, president of the Seattle Seahawks. "I'm a proponent of 'Why fix it if it's not broken?'"
Many of you may think I am paranoid, but in many ways this proposal is a shot across the bow of teams like the Seahawks. This is meant to devalue the division championship, which is code for, if you play in a crappy division and win it, it doesn't mean you should get a home playoff game, especially if you have a tough home field advantage and might win.

And if you think I am taking this too far, then watch NFLN Total Access tonight, assuming you get NFLN. When Adam Schefter, at around 30 minutes in, is talking about how this is being presented so teams who have better records don't have to play on the road against winners of weak divisions, they are simultaneously showing Leonard Weaver run for a 5 yard TD against the Rams.

UPDATE--For those of You who want to see what ruffled my feathers, the video is right here. It is right around the the 2:40 mark. It is kind of upsetting though I warn you.