Friday, March 21, 2008

Clarification on the Contract

Danny O'Neil, as always, has stepped in and provided a bit of clarification. Thanks Danny!
Here is what he said....

The final two years of his rookie deal were torn up. He's now under contract through 2015. The new contract is believed to total about $42 million with Tatupu guaranteed to receive $18 million of that total.

At first glance, it's believed to be one of the three biggest contracts ever for a middle linebacker and on par with the deal Brian Urlacher received from Chicago.
This makes sense and is a good deal for both parties. Lofa gets the cake he deserved and really, at least to the Hawks, he was probably worth more. Being paid on par with Brian Urlacher is never a bad thing, if you are a middle linebacker.

Now we need to mobilize and start a campaign to get Fathead to make a Lofa!!! He can chill on my wall anyday! END