Thursday, March 27, 2008

Could Mare Get Cut?

I say yes... absoulutely! He has no guarantee to be on the roster. With the rare exception of certain "slaves to the business men" who get big signing bonuses up front, kickers are always in danger of being cut. Especially if they don't produce.

To continue....

Lets say hypothetically, that Mare was given a 1 mil signing bonus. He then say has base salaries of 1.25 each of the next two years. This is a reasonable guess at what the contract may look like. The Hawks would only be responsible for the 1 million bonus if he is cut before camp. It would count against the cap, but nothing else would. Would that be an expensive gamble? Sure for most, but Paul Allen has the deepest pockets in the league. It is worth it if it allows the Hawks to select the kicker they like with out reaching, and then as insurance in case he doesn't perform.

Also, as I mentioned in the previous thread, while Ruskell was in Atlanta, the Falcons carried two kickers. So if it takes a season for the young guy to develop, or they want to ease him in, so be it, Ruskell has proven he is willing to go this route. It is possible that the kicker the Hawks like could be accurate, but have a weak leg for kick offs, thus they would share duties. However, it would seem the Hawks will make a decision on Mare, one way or the other, before the season starts and his deal becomes guaranteed for the year because of his veteran status.

UPDATE--For all those who want a little more (or less) clarity on the subject, or just have a man crush on our GM, like me, here is an interview, done Wednesday with Tim Ruskell. FYI, he suggests they will draft a kicker, and then maybe carry two on the roster for a little bit. Or not. Who knows?