Friday, March 21, 2008

Look Who Found a Job II

I must say I have a little more upbeat take on this one. Pete Hunter, yes, that Pete Hunter also found a job yesterday. Pete was signed on by the Dallas Desperado's of the AFL.

Seahawk fans will always be indebted to Pete Hunter, who left his lovely mortgage broker business (probably a good time to get out anyway) on the hill overlooking the Cowboys practice facility, and stepped right in and helped limit TO and Terry Glenn as the Seahawks beat Dallas in their 2006 Wild Card Game.

That game, in my opinion was one of the most exciting games I have ever attended. It also included one of the most athletic plays I have ever seen, when Lofa negotiated a pile of bodies to catch a fumble and then threw it under his left arm to a moving target in Michael Boulware. Oh so close to a touchdown, but he was barely touching the sideline. Great game, and because of it, I will always think fondly of Pete Hunter. END