Thursday, March 20, 2008

Draft Not As Deep As We May Have Originally Thought.

Here is an interesting article written by Pat Kirwan over at NFL.COM. I thought it poses some interesting questions on something I know will get a good discussion going...the draft.

Kirwan argues that the three positions that are running a little low on talent are Safety, Guard, and Tight End.

By his count, there are a whole lot of teams who need these positions. He has an interesting take on Fred Davis (wonder if that is why I liked this piece??)..

Personally, I like USC's Fred Davis in the first round, and if teams like Buffalo, Carolina and Seattle pass in the first round, he will be gone by the time they all select in the second round.
However, I think the case can be made that the Hawks also need a young safety and boy would we like another mauler in the mold of that other guy we once had whose name shall remain unspoken.

So how do you rank em'? If we take one, we miss out on the top talent at the other two positions mentioned. And if you want a different position, like say a DT, Does that make sense if G/S/TE are really weak positions? Lots of interesting positions on this I would imagine.

Another way to think about it is that maybe, this gives the Hawks good leverage. Say Albert is available at #25, or somebody really wants Phillips? It just may be easier to get out of #25 that previously thought. The hard part would be passing on those players. END

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