Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Will the Hawks Trade Down?

We have talked about this in bits and pieces around here, but never really had a thread for discussing it. Now may be the time.

I am working on some research so that I can provide comprehensive draft analysis. I am going off of what I have read about how Tim Ruskell operates. A Tim Ruskell draft board is smaller than a lot of other teams. He is extremely cautious, particularly about two things: that a player fits the system, and the players character. Because of this, he often eliminates numerous players, sometimes probably including players that the national media draftniks have us taking.

Once he has his board, he breaks off small lists of 5 to 6 players that he believes will be available at each pick. Obviously this is flexible, in case players he likes slide, or maybe he has the opportunity to move up.

This is what I am going to attempt to do in my preview of the draft, which will probably start soon. In looking at the first round, almost all the players I believe that Ruskell really likes are better suited as early second round picks. Jonathan Stewart may be the only one that fits at 25, and if he is gone....

Do you think the Hawks will or should trade down? Obviously the catch is that they have to find a partner. Not always possible, which may account for first round picks like Chris Spencer.

Here is just food for thought-- I was looking at the draft trade chart. Atlanta now owns 34-37-48
#34 and #37 together are valued at 1090 points. Seattle's #25 and #55 are worth 1080 points. Which pair of picks would you rather have? Lets Discuss...END

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