Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dysfunction Runs Deep

Out in 49er land. How many of you really believed that Roger Goodell would punish the Niners over two phone calls Drew Rosenhaus never even answered? Well it looks like the PR spin machine was in full effect. This article from the San Jose Mercury News and Tim Kawakami puts a little more light on the charges. And it is none too flattering for the 49er brass.

Apparently, people were sending emails they shouldn't have. Especially the ones bashing the owners. Learn this lesson now, do not say things in email that you don't want your boss to see. You know what I see in my crystal ball.....oh, its another 5-11 season, and the vision is clouded with pink slips.

Read the article folks, it is a little vague, but seems a bit more plausible than two unanswered phone calls. I would like to also credit Profootballtalk.com, where I saw this article linked first. END