Thursday, March 27, 2008

Will Leroy Sign Long Term?

There is a nice little piece that was posted at Profootball Weekly yesterday talking about the Seahawks recent signings of Pro Bowl defenders.

However, the article does create a little concern, when it implies that Leroy Hill may be a little harder to lock up. To quote the article...

“Hill could be an interesting case,” a team source told PFW. “Because he has been so overshadowed by Tatupu and Julian Peterson in Seattle, he could be a guy who just might want to test the market when the time comes.
It seems that Leroy may want to find a spot where he can take top billing. This is understandable. He defintely is overshadowed by the two other linebackers. Hopefully though, Hill will realize that not only is the grass rarely greener when leaving an organization like the Seahawks, but Julian Peterson will not be around for ever. He would be the heir apparent to the spot of pass rushing specialist from the linebacker position.

The draft will probably tell us a lot about the signals the team is getting from Leroy and his representation. If they go linebacker high, we can expect that Leroy is more interested is being the top dog, than keeping one of the better position groups in all of football together. END