Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Morning To You, Marcus Trufant

I love waking up to news like this! Marcus Trufant, according to, has reached a long term agreement to remain a Seattle Seahawk. The deal is 6yrs 50.2 million. Marcus is receiving 20 million in guarantees and essentially 28 million over the first three years.

Well, obviously, Marcus blinked. And I think he should be commended for it. When Lofa reached his long term agreement, I commented that Marcus would have to figure out whether he was a Seahawk or 10 mil a year CB. Well, he chose Seahawk, and probably in no small part because of the team spirit shown recently by not only Lofa, but Kerney, Grant, Terrill, and Babs. This is going to be a heck of D next year and probably moving forward.

You can see the deal averages pretty close to 8.3 per year. With the first three years paying out 28 million, that is a little more than nine per year. So my guess is that the salaries are pretty fair and Tru got him self a nice chunk of change up front. It will be hard for me to get the info, unless someone reports it, the NFLPA recently changed their website and currently it showing people who have signed elsewhere as Hawks, so who knows if it will have base salaries again. Either way this appears to be a better deal than any of the other recent ones signed by corners.

Oh yeah, and the best news, this is all just in time to sign Olindo Mare, who is in town today. Let the Mare watch begin(god please no).