Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seahawks Get Mare

Reported by Mike Florio at profootballtalk. It is a two year 3.5 million dollar deal. Say what you want, but the final hole on the roster has been filled.

As for Mare, he has a big leg. He was second last season in touch back percentage at almost 29%. He doesn't have the long distance accuracy of Josh Brown, but his kickoffs are substantially better. Think of it this way, rather than winning the game for you in the last second, he helps win the game all the way through by putting the opposing offenses at a disadvantage. The % of a team scoring a touchdown goes down significantly for every 10 yards they are backed up. Plus, this deal is no guarantee he will make the team, although it seems likely, with a rookie possibly on the practice squad. We'll See....

If the Hawks were going to go into the season today, I would feel comfortable that they would finish at least as good as last year. They still have the draft to improve this team. If they find even a couple of quality contributors, they will contend for the conference championship. END