Thursday, March 27, 2008

Denver Serious About Mare

Just thought I would update the kicker situation. According to this article by Lee Rasizer or the Rocky Mountain News, the Bronco's offered Olindo Mare a contract.

There are several items of note in the article. First, it would appear that Denver kept Mare in town most of yesterday putting on a full court press, (mixing sports analogies, bonus points) trying to get him to sign. No worries, the Hawks were probably a touch busy yesterday anyway. Mare got on a plane yesterday afternoon and headed to Seattle.

Second, the article says that the Seahawks have been in touch with Mare since it was apparent Brown was going to walk. Huh? Well, I guess this is the vet kicker we want. It seems if the idea of having Mare be the kicker is growing on some of you, and I would say I feel the same way. Kickers are kickers. If you want more proof, read this. The Mile High Report just did an analysis much like our Chris Sullivan which showed Elam is easily replaced too. The question now, is who is replacing their kicker with Olindo Mare?