Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Raiders Still Making Hawks Pay

First off, I hate the Raiders. Always have, always will. The first time I went to a Chargers game, it was against the Raiders and I almost got stabbed...seriously. That doesn't even mention the long standing rivalry from the old AFC West.

Well, once again, it appears that the Raiders will be making the Seahawks pay. Instead of Bo Jackson running over the Boz, now it will be in the wallet. Chris Mortensen is reporting that Al Davis is set to hand DeAngelo Hall 70 mil for 7 years.

This most certainly affects the Marcus Trufant negotiations. How much is hard to tell. From the little nuggets of info that have come out, it appears Tim Ruskell is serious about not giving Trufant top corner money. This seems unlikely to change. However, it has to be pretty clear to Marcus that he would get that money on the open market. So that puts the parties at an impasse.

Folks, it may be time to start preparing ourselves for the final year of Marcus Trufant as a Seahawk. Unless either party changes their philosophical view, I have to imagine the one year tender is all Tru will play under. Would the team trade him? It certainly remains a possibility. We won't know till draft day probably. Either way, the more corners that get paid, the worse it gets for the Seahawks chances at reaching a long term deal with Marcus Trufant.


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