Friday, March 21, 2008

On The Clock.....VIDEO ADDED

Well, with Mr. Tatupu's deal out of the way, and quite a few sleepless nights next offseason averted, we can move back to upcoming draft.

ESPN, everybody's favorite Hawk talkers, has the Seattle Seahawks...On The Clock... tonight. Here is the accompanying article by Scouts Inc, it really says a lot with out really saying anything. It is rather incredible actually. It does manage to fit in most of the national stereotypes of the Seahawks though.

Either way, tune in, if you must, to see Jaws, Kiper, and crew talk about who the Hawks won't actually pick. It will be featured on Sportscenter. I will add the video when it becomes available.

Also, for those who get NFL Network, they are replaying the Bengals game on Sunday. They replayed the Cardinals game last week, but I forgot to tell you, and you would have to be a sadist to wanna watch that one anyway. The Bengals game is a different story.

UPDATE-- If you tend to anger easily, don't watch this segment on Sportscenter. When ever Mel Kiper says something like, "yeah he was a one year wonder"... and "yeah he dropped some balls in his bowl game." Oh Boy!

To see the video....