Saturday, March 29, 2008

Meet Jeb Putzier

New Seahawks tight end Jeb Putzier joined the Late Hits crew this evening on Sirius NFL radio. If you would like to learn more about Jeb, or at least read some of what he had to say then......

  • He understands that he is a short term fix and was told that the team expects to draft a TE early. He thinks he can help the new TE much like he did with Owen Daniels in Hou.
  • He has a wife and a daughter and he felt Seattle was the right type of city for his family. It was either the Hawks or the Jets, and he just felt that Seattle was better all around for all parties involved.
  • For those of you didn't know Jeb is a proud Boise St Bronco. He was a walk on at Boise St. Clearly he has come a long way.
  • He played football, baseball, basketball and track in High School, clearly he is a good athlete.
  • He said that Hasselbeck is the best quarterback he has had a chance to play with and he is excited. He thinks the offense is going to be pretty hard to stop next year.
  • Despite receiving, he says one of things he excels at is helping other players to get open, and this comes from having a good understanding of the flow of the game. He knows when to alter a route and how to move a safety so that people open up. He says this offense is very similar to the offense he has been in since be became a pro.
  • He said one of the things that attracted him to Seattle was that they had plenty of leaders and that he could be part of that. He said in Denver, he was often trying to help people like Maurice Clarrett, and some people want to listen and others just don't. In Seattle, he said he can help with the young guys, but the vocal leaders of the team are already in place.
Welcome aboard Jeb! May you catch many balls and teach the rookie to be a real professional. Anyone who has to walk on at Boise St (before they were good) and makes it all the way to lengthy career in the pros, clearly works hard and does things the right way. There is always room on a team for a player like that.