Monday, March 17, 2008

The Poison Pill

Hopefully, by writing this, I don't stir up too many bad feelings from the 06 offseason, but this is starting to bug me. Why no poison pills?

I read this on PFT this morning, about the lack of movement on restricted free agents. Also, there was this article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, about Max Starks.

At the time that Starks was hit with the transition tag, I wanted to post something, however if I recall, I had more posts that I knew what to do with. So lets discuss this now. Why no poison pills?

To continue.....

The NFL essentially ruled that using the poison pill was legit. The Seahawks were really the team that had to pay the biggest price for the league to figure this out. But, all of a sudden, everybody is playing nice and doesn't want to use any poison pills. All of a sudden the transition tag gets used again, and it is no big deal. Any team who wants a RFA, should insist on including this. Why not? It is a legal tool in contracts.

I am not absolving Tim Ruskell of the mistake of only transitioning Hutch. He should have franchised a player of that magnitude. Maybe it because of the increased cap, teams have mostly had enough money to re-sign the players they want to keep. However, if this is a tool teams are free to use, it sticks in my craw that once again, it was really only the Seahawks who suffered through this. And if the rest of the league thinks this is inappropriate, where were they when the Hawks were doing everything they could to find a way to match Hutch's deal.

It is a shame. I for one am glad it hasn't turned into an epidemic in the NFL, but once again, it is starting to feel like the Hawks got the short end of the stick. Actually, it kinda felt that way at the time too.

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