Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trufant Contract #'s

Frank Hughes has broken down the contract for the Seahawk faithful at Seahawks Insider. Here is the link. Good Work Frank!

For the first two years of the deal Marcus has a base salary of 1 mil. He has a signing bonus of 10 mil this year, and a roster bonus of 7 mil next year.

His cap hits then are 3 million this year, which saves 6.5 off the franchise tender, and then 10 million next year. If the team needs room, they may convert the roster bonus to a signing bonus, much like they did with Kerney and Grant this year.

Also, in 2010, Trufant has a base salary of 5.7 mil, with a roster bonus of 3 mil, making his cap hit 10.7 mil, unless either of these roster bonuses are converted.

That all totals almost 28 million, so he is scheduled to make about 22 over the last three years. The salaries are probably something in the vicinity of 6.5, 7.5, and 8 million. With cap hits 2 million above that in years 4 and 5. All and all, the Hawks are taking some big hits in later years to lower the hit in this year.

My belief is that they will now take Shaun's hit all in 2008 and take their medicine, trying to create some cap freedom in upcoming years. This would be a smart move to aid the transition to the Mora regime. END