Saturday, March 22, 2008

Morning Mock Roundup

Howdy Happy Seahawk Fans.....and good morning to you all. I trust that all of you slept a little easier last night knowing that there are still people living, breathing, and making smart moves in Kirkland. I think yesterday may mark the first move in shift in philosophy. Now that the Ruskell guys are coming up for new deals, I bet this happens a lot more often, especially when they are key, cornerstone players.

Anyway, I expect it to be a sloooooow weekend. Everybody will probably take a moment and pat themselves on the back, and go back to work on Monday. I am going to spend my time reading draft reports and trying to get a grasp on who the Hawks might take. I gotta get some use out of my NFL Draft Scout and Nfl Draft Blitz subscriptions, right.

So, to keep the discussion rolling, I compiled a Mock Draft Comparison. To see it.....Just

Dustin Keller is the most popular pick. I don't think he fits the Seahawks system. The Hawks tight end has to be able to get off the line. Rarely do they get a free release. Somehow, I see Keller and his 240 lb frame having trouble with that.

The Wr's miff me too. But I guess i can't blame the national guys for not knowing about the three kids, Obamanu, Taylor, and Payne. We barely know about them, and none were high draft picks.

Rob Rang, someone most of us respect a lot, has an interesting pick. He is also a local guy. It kind of follows the logic of my pick in the Blogger Mock Draft. I have read Calais Cambell was slipping, but if the Hawks really like him, I could see it happening.

Keep it real Folks....What a great weekend to be Seahawk Fans! Yup!