Friday, September 19, 2008

The Battle in Seattle....for 1-2

by: Michael Steffes

The game this weekend is an interesting game. I probably would not have said that before the season because it seemed as if this was a gimme, or should be. However, it now holds some intrigue. Both teams are 0-2. For a team with playoff aspirations, this has become a must-win for the Seahawks. But really, it is a must-win for the Rams as well.

After starting the season 0-8 last year, you can be sure that the Rams are going to put up a fight. This has become a lopsided rivalry in recent years, and the Rams would love to stick it to the Hawks. But also, the Rams are a mostly veteran team, as documented here by Mike Sando, and they surely see this game as the difference between another year of embarrassment and an opportunity to have meaningful games with the chance for a late season push. Veteran players have a lot of pride, and surely they are not happy about the outcome of the first two games.

So, I guess the one thing to watch this weekend is how both teams respond. For the Seahawks, there is literally nothing to gain. If they win, they were supposed to, but if they lose it is catastrophic. The Rams have their backs to the wall and should play with a lot of intensity. Let's hope the Hawks don't take this game lightly. Anything less than the type of performance many believe them capable of will make the bye week filled with uncertainty. A top-level showing and this team can build from here. Let's hope for 60 minutes from all three phases. My guess is they will need it to beat the Rams this week. ~END~