Friday, September 12, 2008

Trufant on the Field [UPDATED]

by: Michael Steffes

It didn't really seem like a big deal, but the way our luck has been running, some of you may have been worried. How-evaaaa....

Marcus Trufant is on the field and ready to go according to my main man Danny O.

Breath easier and raise a glass folks.... the weekend is almost here. If you can't tell it has me in a very jubilant mood, as I have now attempted both DR. Evil and Steven A Smith impressions, in writing none the less, in two consecutive posts. Bold...I know!

UPDATE: Frank Hughes is reporting that Trufant cracked a bone in his right hand. He has played with a cracked bone in his left hand before, in college, and seemed to be fine, so they are hoping the same will be true this year. He'll play with a small cast... look for more deflections than interceptions, I guess.