Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seahawk Addicts Podcast -- 49ers, Bills and a Special Guest..

by: Chris Sullivan

Well folks, you knew it was coming -- the fourth episode of the Seahawk Addicts podcast. We have added some structure to this episode, and hope to continue tweaking it moving forward. We looked back at the loss to the Bills, look forward to the [hopeful] win over the 49ers, and welcome a very special guest: Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times. (His interview is about 15 minutes in if you just hate the three of us.)

We have also added a couple of new, permanent segments -- Reader Mailbag (which you already know about -- thanks for the all the questions and keep them coming!) and the grand return of... well, I won't spoil the surprise, you'll have to listen to the podcast... assclown!

Anyway, check out the podcast here by clicking to listen or right clicking to download, or as always, you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking in the box to your right! Thanks guys, and please keep the feedback coming.

Technical Note: Something went a bit awry with the audio during our recording, where Gonzo fell a couple of seconds behind Steffes for some reason, so it seems like Michael is talking over him. He wasn't, and we're working on fixing that going forward. It's actually less annoying than you would imagine, but still...