Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week 2 Picks.....

by: Michael Steffes

Well it is almost time again for the NFL week to commence, and with that comes pick time!

Last week, we were bad. This week, we strive for better, but I wouldn't count on it. Please don't use our advice for suicide pools or gambling, we really don't care, but you would be making a colossal mistake. Just looking out!

Last Week:

Steffes 9-7

Sullivan 6-10

Gonzo 8-8


Steffes 9-7
Gonzo 8-8
Sullivan 6-10

So click here for this weeks picks. Redemption awaits!....

1 GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
2 Green Bay @ Detroit Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay
3 Oakland @ Kansas City Oakland Oakland Kansas City
4 New York Giants @ St. Louis NYG NYG New York
5 Indianapolis @ Minnesota Indianapolis Indianapolis Minnesota
6 New Orleans @ Washington Washington New Orleans New Orleans
7 Tennessee @ Cincinnati Cincinnati Tennessee Tennessee
8 Chicago@ Carolina Chicago Carolina Carolina
9 Buffalo @ Jacksonville Jacksonville Buffalo Jacksonville
10 Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
11 New England @ NYJ NYJ New England NYJ
12 Miami @ Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona
13 Baltimore @ Houston Houston Houston Baltimore
14 San Diego @ Denver Denver San Diego Denver
15 Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
16 Philadelphia @ Dallas Philadelphia Philadelphia Dallas
17 San Fran @ Seattle Seattle…. 20-12 Seattle… 24-13 Seattle, 23-6

All three of us again are rolling Hawks. Please don't let us down Seattle. I am not sure I will be able to get out of bed till Wed if the Hawks don't pull this one off.

Gonzo has taken the Chiefs at home while Sullivan an I are banking on that Raider running game. Let me tell you....I met a handful of Raider fans this week, and things could be worse Hawk fans. I almost feel bad for them.....nahhhhhhhh.

I am the only writer rolling with Zorn. The cardinal rule in the NFL, you aren't nearly as bad, or as good, as you look on any given week. The Skins rebound on the Colston-less Aints.

I am also the only writer rolling with Cincinnati and Chicago. Carolina is famous for big letdowns, and the Bungles, well they have to win a few right. Maybe being at home will help!

Sully takes Buffalo and NE, clearly given credence to the mighty AFC East, however I will take the home teams until Edwards and Cassell (Who?) prove they can win road games.

As for the big Monday Night Showdown in Big D. Gonzo takes the Turds, while Chris and I are banking on the curse of Jessica Simpson to show itself again.

That's all. Looks like it could be another long week. Lets hope we at least get one right, Hawks!