Friday, September 26, 2008

Week 4 Picks - We guarantee the Hawks won't lose!

by: The Seahawk Addicts Team

Well, the bye weekend is almost here, but that doesn't stop the writers from continuing to display their pathetic knowledge of the rest of the NFL. Luckily, no one will accuse us of being homers for at least another week because we can't pick the Hawks to win. Lets see where things stand so far....

Last Week:

Steffes 10-6
Sullivan 9-7
Dr. Gonzo 11-5


Steffes 28-19
Dr. Gonzo 28-19
Sullivan 27-20

Thrilling stuff! Gonzo takes the week and pulls into a first place tie. As always, please only use this information for gambling if you are A) a total dummy, B) like throwing money away, or C) want to lose more often than USC in Corvallis. Anyway...

Here are the picks....

GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
Minn @ Tenn Minn Tenn Tenn
Denver @ KC Denver Denver Denver
SF @ New Orleans New Orleans NO Nawlins
Arizona @ NYJ NYJ Arizona NYJ
Green Bay @Tampa Bay Tampa Green Bay Green Bay
Atlanta @Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina
Houston @ Jacksonville Jacksonville Jax Jacksonville
Cleveland @ Cincinnati Cincinnati Cleveland Cincy
San Diego @ Oakland San Diego San Diego San Diego
Buffalo @ St. Louis Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Washington @ Dallas Dallas Dallas Dallas
Philly @ Chicago Philly Philly Philly
Baltimore @ Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Baltimore

Sullivan is the only writer with faith in the vaunted NFC West. The swing games appear to be Minn/Tenn, The battle of the Bays, the awfulness in Ohio, and the Monday Night black-and-blue runfest. Turn on your Sunday Ticket and give em' a look.