Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lions taking a look at Alexander the Great

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Florio is reporting that the Lions met with Shaun Alexander and Cedric Benson today, apparently looking to add a little burst to their struggling offense. While Alexander has often taken a bad wrap as being somewhat selfish in his approach to the game (unwilling to block, concerned with scoring the TD more than getting the first down, etc), I think his veteran leadership in the dysfunctional Lion's locker room could be a boon to that team.

I think most Hawk fans were glad to see Alexander go, but I for one think that the main reason for that was simply his time as a Seahawk needed to be done. I hold no ill will for Alexander, and I hope that he will retire a Seahawk -- even if there is a stop or two in between. Best of luck to Shaun, but if these are the Lions I think they are, they'll grab Benson if anybody, and will probably pay him off in rental cars and booze. (Hat tip to Seth H. in the comments) END