Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Socratic Method at work: Why I remain confident in the Seahawks

by: Chris Sullivan

What percentage of NFL teams in the league could play basically an entire game with three wide receivers and remain competitive? What if the three receivers were their 3, 4 and 5 receivers? What about their 6, 7 and 8 receivers, and only them, with a combined 1 prior career start with the team? Oh, and just for fun, lets say the starting tight end is a rookie -- how many teams win that game?

It was a bad loss, a disappointing loss, a disheartening loss. Our offense looked anemic, because it is anemic right now. There is hardly a single team in the NFL that could compete with anyone with such a depleted core of WRs, especially in a system that spreads the ball out as much as we (and Matt) does. Our defense blew it. McMullen blew it. Injuries to Wallace and Payne set the game plan back significantly.

This team is no longer allowed to use poor officiating as an excuse. Poor officiating is a fact. It is now an element that must be part of our practice and preparation. If our DBs get called for Pass Interference, they need to perfect their technique so there is no question. If there's a holding penalty, our linemen have to perfect their technique so there is no question. If this team thinks it deserves a Super Bowl, it has to play up to that level and practice up to that level. I think they can, and I think we have the coach who can force the issue.

For those calling for Matt Hasselbeck's head, you need to pop in some film tape from the 1990s. Matt has carried this team on his shoulders for years, and a failure to recognize and appreciate that seems to represent a dearth of understanding of how this franchise is built. Not meant as a knock to anyone, not trying to start a fight, but lets not say things we'll regret in the morning after this loss.