Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jury Still Out

by: Michael Steffes

These are things that it's still too early to judge....

Kicking Game: I would like to put this in the post about the team's successes, but my feeling is that this is still too early to judge. So far Olindo Mare has done a great job. His kickoffs are as advertised and he hasn't missed a regular season kick yet. However, he hasn't really had to make a pressure kick yet either. Also, Brandon Coutu is on the 53 man roster, but so far has been inactive. He did look good in the preseason though. So far losing Josh Brown hasn't hurt us, but let's wait a little deeper into the season when the weather kicks up and bumps and bruises mount before we say this was a win. Grade: Inc

Red Bryant: It is not his fault. Red suffered a knee injury in camp and so far has yet to really crack the rotation. Holmgren hinted at this when he went down. In my opinion he has looked good when in, but has been inconsistent too. It could be a good thing if we don't get an accurate read on Bryant until next year, as that would mean the big nasties stay healthy. I would trust the writers fawning all over Bryant in the preseason more if they hadn't done the same thing about Courtney Taylor. Grade: Inc

Bill Lazor/ Loss of Zorn: This was something that wasn't supposed to be a big deal, but so far Matt Hasselbeck hasn't put up typical numbers. Obviously, this has a lot to do with the rotating receiver situation, which is why I won't judge. However, this could become something we talk about if Matt doesn't start tossing the rock around a bit better when Bobby and Deion come back. Even last week, the Seahawks ran the ball so effectively it was hard to get a good read on where Matt is. I did see him miss some throws, though. I am sure this season has been tough on him so far, so he gets the benefit of the doubt for a few more weeks. Either way, clearly Bill Lazor has improved Matt's blocking! Grade: Inc

Lame Duck Coach: Before the season, I was as adamant as anyone that this wouldn't be an issue. However, I don't feel as strongly about that now. Mora's secondary unit was awful in week two, essentially robbing the rest of the team of a much-needed win. Why? They didn't seem very prepared to play. Complacency? Let's hope not. Otherwise, the coaching situation could become a negative. Again, let's hope not. Grade: Inc. ~END~