Monday, September 15, 2008

Stay By Your Phone, Koren

by: Mike Parker

Don't expect Deion Brach back for Sunday's game agains the Rams, Danny O'Neil reports.

But that was to be expected, and I don't think that comes as a major surprise. The only somewhat-disheartening thing about it is we NEED receivers back on the field, and need them quickly. Don't get me started on that cheap-shot hit on Logan Payne yesterday (with no personal foul call, natch), but our situation at receiver continues to be in need of fixing, obviously. (Even if it's just a band-aid.)

But like Chris said - all hope is not lost, the sky isn't falling and the season is so far from being over that it's not even worth mentioning right now.

Look on the bright side: The Vikings, Jaguars and Chargers were all projected to be murderously good teams this year, and all are now 0-2. (The credibility of the end result of the Chargers' loss yesterday is of course under scrutiny, but I feel about as bad for Phillip "Piss" Rivers as I did last year when Willie Parker broke his leg.)

It's time for Ruskell to swallow his pride and make an exception with the staunch rules on character coming first.

It's time to bring back Koren Robinson.

It simply makes too much sense to ignore at this point, and if it is ignored, I'm going to seriously wonder about the management of this team. Seneca Wallace's last-minute injury forced the team into another emergency situation five minutes before kickoff yesterday, and you could almost tell McMullen wasn't ready for it. I don't blame him, but that fumble at the 5-yard line shouldn't have happened. No way.

I think Ruskell has done an outstanding job of turning the Seahawks into an elite team over the years, but an unexpected and disappointing loss like this leaves no room for sticking to what has worked in the past. It's time to look at what's happening now, and it's time to act accordingly. And sometimes, that means stepping outside of your comfort zone. -END-