Saturday, September 13, 2008

I guess the Bills aren't all bad...

by: Chris Sullivan

Though I think we're all still stinging a little bit about the loss last week, there was some good news coming out of the game. Apparently, during the Bills home opener every year the Bills hold a food drive, where people can donate food or cash. The owner of the Bills Ralph C. Wilson has said in years past and this year that he would match any cash donations -- historically, averaging around $12,000. Pretty awesome.

This year, however, there was an extra twist when Bill and Myra Conley of East Amherst dropped a check for $100,000 in the donation, and Ralph Wilson kept his promise, matching it. In total, the Wilson and the Bills raised $219,178 and over 6,700 lbs of food. It is always good to see such generosity, but especially in your community and for those who are in much greater need than the donors.

So, the real question is: do the Seahawks get partial credit? It is very obvious now that we could smell the money in the stands and decided to roll over for the sake of the good people of Western New York. Good work Hawks! But seriously, big kudos to Ralph Wilson and to the Conleys for their generosity. END