Friday, September 26, 2008

Seahawks Scouting Ducks

by: Michael Steffes

Tim Ruskell alluded to this in his interview, and here is some confirmation. The Seahawks were at a Ducks practice this week. They were supposedly watching the defensive side of the ball, according to

One name to definitely keep an eye on is safety Patrick Chung. Scott Wright has him going 29th in his most recent Mock Draft, to the Patriots. Here is what he says:

A versatile player with the size and speed to be a factor in coverage and in-the-box, Chung has proven to be a playmaker in the secondary and is also the type of leader with top intangibles that the Patriots [and Seahawks] look for . . . Chung isn’t a “consensus” first rounder on most boards that sort of thing has never deterred the Patriots [and Seahawks] in the past.
Other Ducks that are possibly of interest to the Hawks include:

C Max Unger
OT Fenuki Tupou
RB Jeremiah Johnson
WR Jaison Williams

For more from Scott Wright and Draft Countdown, make sure to tune into this week's podcast, where I will be talking to him about this year's draft class and how it relates to the Hawks. You can always find a link to this great site in the right hand sidebar. ~END~