Monday, September 15, 2008

The Day Ahead...

by: Chris Sullivan

Well, its just Parker and I today as far as I can tell. Steffes is taking a well deserved day off (though, don't be shocked if he ends up posting later... it is, y'know, him after all). Unfortunately, I'm also feeling pretty sick today, so I'll be primarily laying in bed and trying to sleep. The good news is, there isn't likely to be a ton of news coming out today.

Today is Film day. The Hawks will sit down and watch hours and hours and hours of game film from yesterday's loss. Not a single person in that room is going to be in a good mood. It is likely that the Hawks will bring in some more veteran WRs for tryouts today and tomorrow, but whether we'll catch wind of that or not remains up in the air. It is also doubtful that we'll hear anything today about whether there will be a fine for the intentional helmet-to-the-knee on Payne.

To keep you entertained, I would recommend checking out Mike Sando's link round-up. In my brief periods of consciousness, I'll try to stay up on any breaking news if there is any. Parker will also be around, but he is at work and such, so who knows how that'll go. END POST