Sunday, September 28, 2008

Giants Game Gains Importance

by: Michael Steffes

First off, congratulations to former Hawk QB and Coach Jim Zorn. He is putting together quite the season so far after a poor showing in the opening week. Today the Skins went to Dallas and won.

When Dallas fell, it left only the Giants with an unblemished record in the NFC. So...

If the Hawks can find some way to pull off an upset next week, not only will they have evened their record, but they will find themselves only 1 game out of possibly having home field advantage.

I know this is putting the cart before the horse; however, with all three NFC West teams falling today, it seems as if the Hawks will have every opportunity to compete for the title in this division. And if you think the playoffs are still a possibility, which I do, well then you can't help but think about the Hawks gaining home field throughout. It would give them an undeniable advantage.

Now, let's go shock the Giants. ~END~