Thursday, September 25, 2008

Special Deal for Seahawk Addicts

by: Michael Steffes

I wanted to spread the word that Jeff, loyal reader, and owner of the Seattle Team Store, has come up with a special deal for Seahawk Addict readers. Here is what Jeff wrote to me:

I am emailing to offer the following special deal for Seahawks Addicts readers...Free Ground Shipping with any purchase over $75 at Spend $75 and use coupon code ADDICTS to receive the free shipping. Offer expires October 1 and is not valid on a limited number of items (oversize, heavyweight or drop ships – which will be specified in the product descriptions). All of the regular type clothing, jersey, hats, souvenirs are part of this offer. And, of course, have them link through your website.

And this offer comes on the heels of three pieces of great news on each day of the week (I stole this from Mitch at KJR).

Monday – Holmgren announces that Engram, Branch and Morris will be available for the Giants

Tuesday – We learn that Al Harris will not play when we face the Packers in two weeks

Wednesday – We learn that Plaxico is suspended for one game which happens to be our good fortune.

What’s next for tomorrow? Keep the good news coming.
Thank you, Jeff, for recognizing that the hardcore fans deserve a break and for keeping the good vibes of the week flowing. This gives you all a fantastic reason to gear up for the meat of the season and also support the site. Many of you have used the Seattle Teams Store in the last month and it is GREATLY appreciated. Thank You! And thank you also to all of you who have used Stubhub, Fathead, and Travelocity as well. Please continue to read and support the site. Seahawk Addicts has grown into something more than I have ever imagined. and it is the readers who make it what it is. ~END~