Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Greene: Good Teams Believe...Why?

by: Michael Steffes

David Greene has ended up on another team. After his two year stint with the Hawks, Greene was signed by the Patriots, eventually being let go. Now, David Greene has ended up with Indianapolis Colts.

Apparently there is something in David Greene that intrigues top level teams. Despite his brief stay in Kansas City, he has been with three of the league's best franchises, at least in recent years. Clearly the things that are attractive about Greene are his intangibles. He is heady and a four year collegiate starter who won a ton of games. Unfortunately, what he is not is strong armed or accurate. Maybe teams think they can coach him up into a back up? Who knows? But there are believers, or so it appears.

It is kind of funny to see that one of Tim Ruskell's biggest blunders still seemingly shows enough promise to intrigue teams known for excellent scouting and personnel decisions. ~END~