Monday, September 29, 2008

John Marshall on KJR

by: Michael Steffes

Mitch Levy interviewed everyone's favorite defensive mastermind John Marshall this morning on KJR. Marshall spent his week off in Oregon, riding around on a tractor. He also spent some time game planning.

John is happy that Plax is not playing. He says any time you can avoid going against a Pro Bowler, that is a good thing. He isn't the type of guy to say "I want your best team." He did say he is concerned that the rest of the Giants will step up their game to counteract the loss of Plax.

Marshall says the 49ers game "stuck in his craw," but since then they have broken down every play and every defensive call in that game and are now moving forward. "You live in the past, you die in the past."

Marshall says the Giants haven't changed that much from last year. He said their offensive line is very good, with good size and a toughness about them. He also said they have a very balanced offensive team and that lately they haven't turned the ball over much.

Here is my take: this is a great opportunity for the Hawks, but it is probably realistic to think that we need to see a different Hawks team than we have seen in the last few years to get the win. The defense needs to get sacks and pressure, something that hasn't happened on the east coast in recent memory. This will help create some turnovers, which will in turn help the offense. This projects to be a close game, which means absolutely no special teams gaffes. Also, we have yet to see the o-line function well on the road. They need to protect and open up holes. Basically, the Hawks need to be perfect to win this one. If they do, it will be a monumental step forward for this year's team. ~END~