Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nice Write-Up on Julius Jones

by: Michael Steffes

Scott Johnson, writing for the Kitsap Sun, did a nice little write up on Julius Jones and the running game today. It doesn't shatter the space-time continuum with new information, but that doesn't stop it from being revealing. I like the fact that Jones is crediting his offensive line. The article states,

"The offensive line,"[Jones] said, referring to a much-maligned unit over the past two seasons. "They've really been doing an excellent job. Everything starts with them. Those guys are the reason that we're third in the league right now."
This sentiment is being reciprocated in full. Pork Chop was quoted by Johnson as saying, "We knew he could run the ball, that's why they brought him in. He's the kind of guy who you know is going to fight for every yard. You like that."

This is something that has been missing in recent years--in fact, one could say that the offensive line got tossed under the bus a few times--and even though they probably deserved some blame, saying it doesn't help the team. If for some reason this new incarnation of the Hawks' line didn't gel with Shaun, that is now in the past. To see the line backing up their RB and the RB complementing the line is a sign that the running game problems of the past two seasons may have finally been solved. ~END~