Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holmgren Addresses Media

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Holmgren is finishing up his regular Wednesday press conference, and he covered a wide array of topics. Mostly he talked about Koren, him coming back to the team, and how he will be eased in due to conditioning concerns.

He also talked about Josh Brown and how he didn't want to lose him as the kicker. But, things happen and you move on. He complemented the job Mare is doing several times and explained that they are keeping Coutu because they see him as future contributor for many years at that position.

Most of all though, I think the press conference was notable for what Holmgren failed to address. It is not his fault. There seems to be either a lack of interest or some sort of professional courtesy going on, but the reporters didn't ask the questions that seem so obvious to those who follow the team.

There has been an ongoing issue with the defense for quite a while. While they had their moments last year, there were plenty of times the defense looked like last Sunday's version, And many of those moments came at the the end of last year. The third down zone defense has to go. It hasn't worked, and yet we keep going back to it. Avid Seahawks fans, myself included, see the soft defensive schemes employed by this team and throw up our hands. But, we never seem to hear what Mike Holmgren thinks about this, and Marshall is left alone to do his thing.

Also, it is fair to say that special teams is a continuing concern. However, there were no questions about the atrocious blocking, poor decisions (Mare squib kicking after the team went up 14-0), and mistakes by returners. Why does DeHaven get a pass? These are the questions that need to be asked. These are the men who should be accountable for their unit's performance.

If there is an issue in Mike Holmgren leaving early, it seems that it is an unwillingness to rustle any feathers on his farewell tour. I for one would like to know why this team fails to live up to its promise in specific areas year after year. If it isn't the coaches, then tell us it is the players, but please, somebody ask some tough questions and let's get some hard info about how this team can improve its flaws. ~END~